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DIY STEM Rocket Car - Try it Tuesday

DIY STEM Rocket Car

What You'll Need:

- 2 Tooth Picks

- Cardboard or sturdy paper (Cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc!)

- 2 Straws

- Tape

- Scissors

- Rubber Band

- Balloon

Additional Materials:

- Lego wheels, bottle caps, etc.

- Makers, stickers, glitter!

Step 1: Make the Wheels!

For my wheels I traced and cut out four circles. Poke a hole in the center of the wheels for the toothpick to go through!

Step 2: Make the "frame" of your car!

Cut a piece of cardboard to make the frame of your car.

Then, cut a straw in half and tape the pieces to the bottom of your frame.

Finally, place the tooth picks through the straws and attach then wheels.

Want to make your car fancy?

Now is a great time to decorate it!

Step 3: Attach the Balloon!

Now we are going to attach the balloon. Wrap the edge of the balloon around the straw and secure it with a rubber band!

Then, we are going to attach the balloon to the car. I make a little ramp out of cardboard for my racer. What will you make for yours?

Step 4: Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Now it's time to race! Inflate your balloon and watch your car go!

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