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Gravity Painting - STEM Art

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is all about discovery. Be co-discoverers with your kiddo! Explore the world around us and ask questions about how and why something works.

Plus, who doesn't love a fun (and relatively simple) art infused science experiment?

What's gravity painting you ask? Only the coolest thing since forever! We'll use the natural force of gravity to create an abstract expression of paint "raining" down.

What you'll need:

  • paper

  • cotton balls

  • water based paint

  • glue

  • water

Step One: Get yourself some gravity!

To create a slope I used a few things laying around the house! Under the paper I placed a few paper towels.

Note: this is a perfect craft to do outside on a sunny day! (or inside with lots of newspaper to catch wandering rain drops)

Step Two: Water + Paint

Saturate your cotton balls with water and dunk them in paint! The more diluted the paint is the easier it will "rain down".

Step Three: Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze!

Now that our cotton balls are ready to go, bring them to the very top of our paper and give them a squeeze.

Step Four: Repeat!

April showers bring May flowers! Let's add some more "rain".

Step Five: We can't forget the clouds! Use glue to add a few clouds in the sky. Loosely tear apart the cotton balls for fluffier clouds!

I made my gravity painting into a rainy day, what did you make with yours? We would love to see your art! If you'd like to share your creation with us send Miss Laura a photo at: laura.evans@wlnonline.org

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