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Great New Books for Early Readers

Great New Books for Early Readers

The Big Birthday Surprise

Step 2

Join Nickelodeon's Nella the Princess Knight for adventures in a fairytale filled dragons, unicorns, and forests of furry friends. With every new journey, Nella proves that little girls can be princesses and knights, pretty and powerful, fabulous and fierce.

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Unicorn and Yeti

Unicorn has a horn and can do magic.

Yeti is big and furry and cannot do magic.

Yeti likes snowball fights.

Unicorn does not like snowball fights.

But Unicorn and Yeti both love sparkly things, magic rainbows, and -- most of all -- being best friends!

Check Out These Titles:

- Sparkly New Friends

- A Good Team

- Friends Rock

Little Goddess Girls

Join Athena, Persephone, Aphrodite, and Artemis as they have big adventures on magical Mount Olympus.

Check out these titles:

- Persephone & Giant Flowers

- Athena & the Magic Land

- Aphrodite & the Gold Apple

Let's Have a Sleepover!

Norm Feuti

Hedgehog is having a sleepover! His best friend Harry is excited. But when Harry arrives, he finds out that they will be sleeping outside. Suddenly, Harry doesn't feel very well. Does Harry not want to sleep over? Or does this all have something to do with first-sleepover jitters?

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Our Principal...

A unique principal named Mr. Bundy runs PS 88 in this silly, fun-to-read Aladdin QUIX chapter book that’s perfect for emerging readers!

Check out These Titles:

- Our Principal is a Frog!

- Our Principal's in His Underpants!

- Our Principal is a Wolf!

- Our Principal Breaks a Spell

Don't Worry, Bee Happy

Ross Burach

Bumble and Bee love to buzz around the pond and make mischief. Their cranky best friend Froggy prefers the peace and quiet of sitting on a lily pad. They may be an unlikely trio, but no matter what these friends dream up -- from picture day problem-solving to a comical cure for the hiccups -- you can count on hilarious, unexpected FUN!

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