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Recycled Self Watering Planter - Try it Tuesday

Step One: Gather Your Materials! What you'll need: - Plastic bottle

- Yarn

- Scissors or pocket knife

- Potting soil and seeds (or a potted plant!)

You can also use:

- a coffee filter.

- paints, paint brushes, stickers and more!

Step Two: Cut, Cut, Cut!

With the help of an adult we're going to use our scissors or pocket knife.

First, we are going to slice the water bottle in half to create the water basin and planter.

Then, we will poke a small hole in the top of the water bottle lid. (Note: we need the hole to be big enough to pull our yarn through!)

Step Three: Assemble!

Run the string through the lid of the water bottle and then screw the top back on!

"Oops! I poked too big of a hole!" No worries! If that happens to you all you need is a coffee filter! Place the coffee filter in the top of the planter to hold the string in place!

Step Four: Water & Plant!

First, we will add water to the bottom of the basin. Then, turn the top of the water bottle upside down and fill it with either a houseplant, or potting soil and a few seeds!

Bonus Step: Decorate Your Planter!

Add stickers, glue on buttons, or even paint your planter to make it uniquely yours!

What is a Self Watering Planter? How does it work?

These planters use a piece of yarn like a drinking straw! The yarn connects their soil to the water below!

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