• Miss Laura

Silly Monsters - A Colorful Craft

What you'll need:

  • Water

  • Water based paint.

  • Paper

  • Straw

  • Markers

Step One:

Water down your paints and place a small puddle of color on your piece of paper.

Step Two:

Now we are going to create the monster's silly shape! Using your straw- blow!

(It's okay if you need to add some more paint.)

Step Three:

My monster needed some buddies, what about yours? Would you like to give your monster a few friends?

Did you know? A group of monsters is sometimes called a marvel!

Step Four:

After the paint dries we can draw our silly monsters! Two eyes? Four? What will your monster look like?

We'd love to see your monsters once they're all finished!

If you'd like to share your creation with us send Miss Laura a photo at: laura.evans@wlnonline.org

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