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Wild Hair Planters - Recycled Craft

Let's rock some wild eco hairdos by turning ordinary materials around the house into extraordinary planters!

What you'll need:

  • some sort of jar, pot, cup, or glass

  • rocks for drainage

  • potting soil

  • a plant (or seeds!)

  • recycled materials to decorate with

Step One: Pick your planter

What do plants need to thrive? Sun! Water! And, of course, proper drainage! Here are two different types of drainage systems for your plant.

The first set of planters have holes in the bottom for water to escape. These are perfect to use with a little basin.

The second set of planters do not have a way for water to escape so instead we used little pebbles in the bottom of each jar.

Step Two: Decorate your planter!

Use found materials to decorate your planter any way you like!

It's okay if you want to create something other than a face on your planter. Maybe you'll have a special sticker scene wrapping around the pot! Or maybe you'll spell out your name with recycled materials! There's no wrong way to use your creativity.

Step Three: Put it All Together!

Now it's time to add your plant. Remember for planters without drainage to put pebbles in before your potting soil! And, ta-dah!

We'd love to see your planters once you're finished with them!

If you'd like to share your creation with us send Miss Laura a photo at: laura.evans@wlnonline.org

This craft was originally designed several years ago as part of an Art Therapy course with help from a very special kiddo, Nikolas. (Who let it be known that strawberries are in fact a plant! And who needs a to plant seeds when you could have a snack in a new special bowl instead?!)

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